28 December 2017

ETF investors not big on Japan

Local ETF investors are ditching Japan in favour of US and Europe ETFs.

Ruperts juggle Reinet interests

A close to 10% stake in the investment vehicle has been shifted to Jersey-registered Twickenham Holdings.

27 December 2017

Echo Polska draws line between arrest and donation

The property group says funders for its retail property portfolio remain committed.

Mondi wraps up Powerflute deal for Christmas

The group says it hopes to wind up its acquisition of the corrugated packaging specialist in the first half of next year.

BHP Billiton to pay $181 million more for Samarco cleanup

The money will be used to restore the environment and support affected communities.

22 December 2017

Sanlam outlines Steinhoff exposure

The life assurer and asset manager says its exposure to Steinhoff reflected the group’s weighting in local investment markets.

Atlantic Leaf bulks up its warehouses

It says the new distribution centre provides predictable income from long-term leases and capital growth.

Jacques Pauw: SARS’ court application against writer ‘conceded the truth’ – NB Publishers

The South African Revenue Service's decision to file a High Court application against investigative journalist Jacques Pauw confirms that the contents of his book The President's...

#ANCdecides2017 Analysis: Women’s League does no favour to serious problems in ANC gender agenda

The ANC Women's League says that the fact that the ANC's new Top Six are all male bar one is the result of patriarchy in action....

Marshall Monteagle rides currency tailwind

The global procurement and investment group has also benefitted from higher sales volumes in its import and distribution business.

Op-Ed: Cape Town’s bid to lock down the water crisis

The City of Cape Town is facing its worst water crisis ever. Residents, businesses and the agriculture sector are all starting to feel the pinch as...

21 December 2017

Steinhoff hits new low as law suits replace credit lines

Law firms say investors have a case against Steinhoff for misleading investors about its financial situation.

Echo Polska slumps after director is detained

Shareholder Redefine calls for director’s resignation in the interests of good corporate governance.

Cyril Ramaphosa; He got there, eventually.

The news late on Mon 18 Dec that Cyril Ramaphosa had won the election for the13th Presidency of the ANC was met with a huge amount...

Pierre de Vos: How the new ANC leadership can 'recall' Zuma as president of South Africa

President Jacob Zuma has now ended his two terms as president of the African National Congress (ANC), and Cyril Ramaphosa (not perceived to be a great...

#ANCdecides2017: South Africa reacts to election of Ramaphosa

As the ANC election results percolated through South African society, the general response seemed to be one of tentative optimism despite a number of controversial figures...

PBT Group scaling back in Africa

The IT services group expects more losses in the short term as it reduces its base in the Middle East and Africa.

A few ways bots disrupt our lives

So, we’re smack in the middle of the festive season. Have you done your Christmas shopping? Ordered anything online lately?

20 December 2017

Little good news as Steinhoff meets lenders

The group’s shares fall as much as 23% after it says the magnitude of accounting irregularities is still unknown.

Old Mutual Wealth sells Single Strategy to TA Associates

Single Strategy didn’t form part of the core multi-asset business which will be rebranded Quilter Investors next year.

#ANCdecides2017: The Top Six that could have been

It was always a tight race and there were always going to be losers. Here are the leaders that delegates to the ANC's 54th National Conference...

Group Five’s losses widen on Kpone delay

The company will bail the Ghanaian contract out with free cash from its European Investments & Concessions business.

House of Cards: Shaun Abrahams directed by ConCourt not to make decisions regarding Zuma

In many ways a Constitutional Court directive issued on Friday that incumbent-not-incumbent head of the NPA, Shaun Abrahams, not take any decisions with regard to the...

Analysis: What cost the President’s free tertiary education plan?

President Jacob Zuma made the both surprising and utterly unsurprising move on Saturday of releasing his response to the Heher Commission's report on the Feasibility of...

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