09 January 2019

UK property stocks show signs of life

While many retailers reported improved December sales, they were boosted by growth in online purchases.

Britain’s battle over Brexit resumes ahead of big vote

Britain's battle over Brexit has resumed as parliament returns from its Christmas break to debate and -- most likely -- defeat Prime Minister Theresa May's unpopular...

OP-ED: May 2019 elections: What is the price of an ANC electoral victory?

All the leading parties appear in a weaker state than in previous years, with only four months before elections. The ANC is plagued by disunity. But...

OP-ED: South Africa needs to change its economic status by reskilling the entire adult population

South Africa faces another year with no signs that it is able to solve its massive social and economic problems. We have been promised a new...

OP-ED: Eskom: For experts in energy, it's hopelessly grim, open-ended Groundhog Day

It is now well past time to stop fooling ourselves that Eskom's problems and its indebtedness can be traded out. The focus should be on managing...

Life's a b(l)each at Clifton, Cape Town

I saw this paranoia as a child. Durban of the early 1970s. We would watch white boys and girls playing on trampolines. Indian waiters, suitably servile,...

08 January 2019

BAT fizzles out on ‘tumultuous tobacco’ report

Analysts at Cowen say British American Tobacco is arguably the most disadvantaged by the chainging US cigarette landscape.

Kibo energised for 2019

The group, which has switched its focus from mining to Africa’s energy deficit, expects to start generating revenue by the end of the year.

The Week Ahead of 8 January 2019

#ChrisGilmour - The start to 2018 was highlighted by the expression “synchronized global growth”. As the year progressed, however...

POWER Q&A: Eskom's Jan Oberholzer: The utility has a lot of work to do to improve its reputation, performance and confidence

A refreshing openness by Eskom's new management was demonstrated in an interview with Eskom COO Jan Oberholzer by EE Publishers.

Analysis: The politics of 2019 - sharp, divisive, dangerous

It has long been predicted that 2019 would be an important year in South Africa's political history. A series of different political dynamics are bound to...

Evita's free speech: Ep. 176: Evita cries iKhekhe!

ANC cadre Evita Bezuidenhout tries to expose fake news and highlight alternative facts with a weekly episode of EVITA'S FREE SPEECH.

07 January 2019

Stocks rise on Fed’s interest-rate stance

The chair of the US Federal Reserve said its interest-rate policy remained flexible and dependent on economic conditions.

PMI reaches near break-even

Confidence levels improved in December, with firms expecting 2019 to be a more positive year for the country.

NEPI Rockcastle deal falls through

Regulatory approvals and the waiver of a right of first refusal weren’t met by the end-December deadline.

04 January 2019

Rand tumbles in flash crash

The rand weakened to R14.70/$ with Apple’s revenue downgrade being blamed for the flash crash in Asian trade.

Slowing China takes a bite out of Apple’s forecasts

The company’s downward sales revision stunned the market, sending its shares sharply lower.

Anglo rejigs strategy and base metals management

The group is focusing on its long-term growth options due to the move to a “cleaner, more electrified and richer world”.

03 January 2019

Stocks fall on first trading day of 2019

Stock markets stuttered into the new year after a decline in Chinese manufacturing activity last month was blamed on a trade dispute with the US.

Howden to proceed with delisting despite opposition

The group will proceed with a general offer to minorities after “dissenting shareholders” stood in the way of a scheme of arrangement.

Tesla falls after missing lofty expectations

The maker of electric vehicles has also cut the price on a number of its US models by $2,000.

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