Aspen probed by UK watchdog for anticompetitive behaviour


Aspen probed by UK watchdog for anticompetitive behaviour

Published Date: 2017-10-16 | Source: Stephen Gunnion | Author: stephen Gunnion

Aspen probed by UK watchdog for anticompetitive behaviour

Aspen says the CMA hasn't reached any conclusion and Aspen is cooperating

Britain's competition regulator is the latest to scrutinise Aspen Pharmacare for possible infringement of competition laws.

In a statement after the market closed on Friday, Aspen said the UK Competition and Markets Authority has opened an investigation into alleged anti-competitive conduct in relation to the supply of Fludrocortisone acetate 0.1 mg tablets and Dexamethasone 2 mg tablets in the UK. In 2016 the two products had a combined revenue of £11.1 million in the UK. The drugs are used to treat blood pressure and arthritis.

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Aspen said the investigation was at an early, information-gathering state and the CMA had not reached any conclusion on whether competition law had been infringed. It said would work constructively with the watchdog in its process.

Earlier this month, the Competition Commission says it's decided to drop its investigation into Aspen Pharmacare for suspected abuse of dominance and excessive pricing in the provision of specific cancer medicines in South Africa. In June, it was fined €5.2 million plus interest after an appeal relating to its portfolio of oncology products distributed in Italy was dismissed.

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