Insights into the Future of Reporting


Insights into the Future of Reporting

Published Date: 2020-07-14 | Source: INCE|Community | Author: Sarah-Jane Wilkinson

Insights into the Future of Reporting

Discover why companies are finally embracing corporate reports as a means to communicate with stakeholders as well as what's driving the change we see in their integrated and sustainability reports.

As the Strategy Manager at Ince, I recently participated in an exciting webinar series hosted by Six Capitals Advisory to discuss the Value Proposition of Reporting in a Post-Pandemic Era.

In a quick 10-minute presentation, I explore the current trends in corporate reporting and share some insights on what the future might hold for reporters.

If you're interested in seeing what stakeholders will demand from integrated and sustainability reports in the future, watch the recording of my presentation below:

For those that are interested in the rest of the discussion, where Corli Le Roux from Six Capitals Advisory and Esha Mansingh from Imperial Logistics present their views on the value proposition of reporting, the full webinar recording can be accessed here.

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