Project UBU - A venture opportunity


Project UBU - A venture opportunity

Published Date: 2017-10-16 | Source: INCE|Community | Author: Stephen Gunnion

Project UBU - A venture opportunity

There has been much hype around Bitcoin, the first digital currency to create a sensation amongst investors. Many have made a fortune by mining, buying or selling Bitcoin, while governments, central banks and banks themselves are sitting up and taking notice of the virtual currency and its potential to disrupt. Perhaps more important than Bitcoin is the block-chain technology that it utilizes. Blockchain opens the way to a more secure financial system and it's not only Bitcoin that can use it; it opens the way for other virtual currencies. Wouldn't it be good though if the wealth created by crypto-currencies could be shared? Well, perhaps it can. Today INCE|Connect brings you news of Project UBU, which offers an investment opportunity that also benefits poor communities. Take a look and if you're interested, let us know in the form below if you'd like more information. You may have missed the Bitcoin boat, but others are also setting sail. - Stephen Gunnion

To all investors with a conscience,


We write to you to alert you to a very important and extremely exciting investment opportunity.

Bridge Capital has been advising and working with Project UBU ( for the last year and a half. It is also a founding shareholder. The project intends to uplift impoverished communities by assigning members a tradeable token that has the potential to contribute to global economic progress. The project seeks to create an enabling environment and a related crypto-currency that unlocks currently dormant, inefficiently allocated and unrealised resources to create commercial and social value.

This ground-breaking initiative seeks to make a profound difference in the lives of millions of people, utilising the exciting technologies of crypto-currencies and distributed ledgers run by secure block-chain transaction technology to create a digital medium of exchange to enable the trading of goods and services. The project has achieved significant milestones and is already in a commercialisation phase with fully-developed IT platforms and software that are live and running, having passed the Beta test phase with flying colours.

Project UBU commenced an Initial Token Offering (ITO) on the 29th September 2017. If you have any interest in knowing more, purchasing the tokens, or in any other way participating in Project UBU, then please visit the above website for more detailed information on the Project and in order to participate, utilise this link, (

This is neither your typical crypto-sector opportunity nor a donation. It is an entirely commercially-based proposition utilising the best available new digital technologies to solve global social problems. There are many significant differentiating factors. This is an opportunity to participate in an exciting and potentially lucrative new sector while at the same time participating with a social conscience to help the lives of millions of people. We hope you will have a look and would welcome your feedback on any of UBU's communication channels.

Kind regards,
Bridge Capital.

This letter does not serve as the offer of an investment, security or investment service of any nature to any person. All responsibility for any decisions relating to participation in Project UBU, including all risk analysis and necessary research, remain the sole responsibility of the purchaser, regardless of location. No warranty, undertaking and/or representation, express or implied, is provided by the writers of this communication as to the appropriateness of participation in Project UBU for any person or on the success of the underlying project.

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