The importance of intra-African investment


The importance of intra-African investment

Published Date: 2018-11-08 | Source: Sponsored | Author: Ben Lim

The importance of intra-African investment

Businessman and director at Intercontinental Trust Mauritius, Ben Lim - also known as York Shin Lim Voon Kee - delivered a presentation at the GIB Africa Alliance Conference. His focus was on how Mauritius can help drive intra-African investment.

The event was held in September at Long Beach Hotel and was attended by insurance brokers from across Africa and Europe. Some of the countries represented by the brokers in attendance are South Africa, Zambia, Kenya, Nigeria, Guinea, Ghana, Germany and the UK. The GIB Africa Alliance is a network of insurance brokers that spreads across the African continent.

These brokers in the GIB network have been identified as the cream of the crop in their respective countries. Through a careful vetting process, GIB Africa Alliance has created a network of professional, certified, and highly capable insurance professionals waiting to share their local knowledge with companies who do or wish to do business in their countries. The conference provides an opportunity for these brokers and other GIB partners to network and obtain knowledge and industry insights. This forms part of the GIB's dedication to continued professional development for its members.

Ben Lim is a financial services industry professional with a wealth of knowledge. He is also a proud African who believes in intra-African investment.

Ben Lim also runs businesses in more than one African country showing his commitment to the continent and its growth.

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