Today's forex view 2019-08-13


Today's forex view 2019-08-13

Published Date: 2019-08-13 | Source: TreasuryONE | Author: TreasuryONE Dealing

The Rand hit an 11 month low of 15.4650 yesterday as geopolitical tensions, global growth concerns and local political and economic headwinds hammered the currency. The Rand was by far the worst performing EM currency again, that was until the Argentinian markets opened and we saw a massive sell off of Argentinian assets and the Peso. Political shocks saw the stock market down 35% and the currency drop 25% bringing the possibility if a debt default in Argentinia into focus. There does not appear to be much contagion impact on other EM currencies and the Rand has recovered to be trading at 15.2700 this morning. The Euro and Pound are steady this morning at 1.1193 and 1.2072 respectively as markets look for fresh direction.

Wall Street closed in negative territory with the S&P down 1.22%, the Dow down 1.48% and the Nasdaq down 1.20%. Markets in the Far East are also down as protests in Hong Kong escalate and risk aversion returns to equity markets. The US Treasury yields slipped again yesterday with the 10y yield down at 1.65% and the 30y at 2.14% as analysts forecast the 10y yield at 1.25% by year end.

Gold continues to soar and the price hit a 6 year high of $1 518.03 in Asia this morning and is currently quoted at $1 516.33.

Look out for US CPI data out later today.


USDZAR 15.2598
EURUSD 1.1186
EURZAR 17.0611
GBPUSD 1.2068
GBPZAR 18.4064
AUDZAR 10.3074
CADZAR 11.5154
CNYZAR 2.1580
ZARJPY 6.9097
CHFZAR 15.6835


Gold 1 515.69
Plat 861.10
Plad 1 437.76
Rhod 3 740.00
Irid 1 470.00
Ruth 248.00
Copp 5 715.75
Brent 58.44
Gold ZAR 23 117.55
Plat ZAR 13 133.67