22 April 2021

Pick n Pay benefits from Project Future

Despite the impact of Covid-19, the retailer says its core SA food and grocery business delivered a market-leading performance last year.

Octodec holds back on dividend due to Covid-19

The real estate investment trust says it will consider its profitability, solvency and liquidity at year end before deciding on a payment.

Karooooo completes trek back to the JSE

The holding company for Cartrack has retained most of its investors following its listing on Nasdaq.

Shapely gold

Top risk expert and trader Andrew Kinsey takes a dive into a precious metal...

The CURRENCY HUB crypto-arbitrage active strategy

Cryptocurrency-arbitrage is making its into the mainstream and affords South African investors a unique opportunity to accumulate quick profits from cryptocurrencies with low-risk returns.

3 Stocks to trade which have exposure to Cryptocurrencies

As the saying goes, one either has to 'adapt or die'. This applies to most areas of life as well as business where failing to recognize...

Kaap Agri rises on profit forecast

The agriculture services group expects interim earnings to be more than a fifth higher than last year.

RBPlat reports higher first-quarter production

The platinum miner is sticking to its full-year guidance notwithstanding the ongoing Covid-19 uncertainty.

Quilter Investment Platform achieves record sales

The wealth manager expects the revamped investment platform to be transformative for the business.

21 April 2021

Absa and CEO Daniel Mminele part ways

Mminele is leaving on a no-fault basis following differences with the board on matters of strategy and culture transformation.

PSG battles to narrow stubborn discount

The investment group says it is pursuing initiatives to unlock value for shareholders to the extent possible.

Afrimat reaches new high on profit forecast

Favourable iron ore prices resulted in exceptional profit growth at its Bulk Commodities division.

Distell holds up in the face of liquor bans

The drinks group says its SA business has been resilient, while operations outside the country have done well.

Long4Life hires Investec to help improve shareholder value

The lifestyle investment company has reported an improved second half as its operations recovered from the impact of the hard lockdown.

Etion sells Lawtrust to Altron

The digital technology investment company is selling the business for more than its current market value.

20 April 2021

There's a coach comin' in, hear those wheel spin

For investors exposed to US equities, and many in South Africa these days are, this is key information to know.

Steinhoff seeks consent for Pepco listing

The retailer resumed an IPO evaluation process for its European subsidiary in January.

Cartrack shareholders opt for reinvestment in Karooooo

Less than 2 percent of shareholders chose to take the cash while the rest will get 1 Karooooo share for every 10 Cartrack shares held.

Cashbuild continues strong sales trend

Sales for the three months to end-March are in line with those reported for the first half of its financial year.

Murray secures new Australian contract

The specialist engineering and construction group will contribute to the brownfields expansion of the Tanami gold mine in the Northern Territory of Australia.

Imperial sells South American shipping business

The logistics group is narrowing its focus to Africa and businesses serving the continent.

Astoria suspension lifted

Investment house RECM and Calibre distributed the bulk of its Astoria holding to shareholders, creating liquidity in the stock.


19 April 2021

Mediclinic cautions on third Covid wave

The private healthcare services group says a new wave of the pandemic in Europe will slow its recovery.

Italtile maintains momentum

The tile and sanitaryware manufacturer and retailer says if conditions continue, earnings may be more than 70 percent higher.

PODCAST: Magic Markets Ep21: Crypto Arbitrage

Due to pricing differences in Bitcoin between foreign and local markets, there are profits that can be made. Future Forex helps people execute the arbitrage and...

Octodec defers dividend decision

Due to Covid-19 uncertainty, the property group will wait until publication of its full-year results before making any decision on its 2021 distribution.

RDI shareholders back buyout offer

The UK and German-focused real estate investment trust is being bought by strategic shareholder Starwood Capital.

Spanjaard rallies on possible buyout

Shareholder Spanjaard Group may make an offer to buy out minority shareholders in the lubricants and chemical products group.

16 April 2021

PSG Konsult weathers Covid-19 challenges

The financial services group says it was able to operate successfully in a challenging environment due to investment in its systems.

ENX sells UK forklift unit

The industrial group says the disposal represents an attractive opportunity to monetise its investment at a decent valuation.

Merafe reports improved production

The company, which shares in a joint venture with Glencore, attributes the rise in output to production efficiencies.

RAC prepares for Astoria distribution

Following the distribution, RECM and Calibre will be left with a majority stake in Goldrush as its biggest investment.

Who's doing what this week in the South African M&A space?

Weekly summary of Merger & Acquisition activity by South African companies

Who's doing what in the African M&A space?

Weekly summary of all Merger & Acquisition activity from across Africa (excluding South Africa)

Weekly corporate finance activity by SA exchange-listed companies

Weekly summary of corporate finance activity by South African exchange listed companies

Thorts: Digital mergers to face more scrutiny in South Africa

Competition authorities must strike the right balance between careful scrutiny of digital mergers and the needs of an increasing number of South Africans to access innovative...


Professional Provident Society (PPS), the financial services company focused solely on providing financial solutions for graduate professionals, produced a resilient 2020 performance.


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