22 May 2018

Pioneer bounces back after the drought

The branded food producer has reported a strong rise in first-half earnings as an unfavourable maize position worked itself out of the system.

Barloworld buoyed by Caterpillar demand

Strong commodity prices have resulted in more demand for Caterpillar equipment in the global mining aftermarket.

Dipula beds down R8.5 billion portfolio

The real estate investment trust plans to integrate recent acquisitions and extract maximum value from its existing portfolio.

The Week Ahead of 22 May 2018

#ChrisGilmour: The trade talks between the US and China ended on Sat 19 May. Initial reactions were mildly positive but not enough detail was available to...

SA POST OFFICE LIQUIDITY: Tardy payment frustrates SA Post Office suppliers

Suppliers are at the receiving end of the SA Post Office's lingering problems.

ANALYSIS: Land Issue - Ramaphosa takes charge

Over the weekend the ANC held perhaps the most important and constructive discussion over the land question in the country's history. The debate was just a...

Evitas free speech: Ep.143 - Kaktus Files #6: A Royal Intermission (Video)

Evita Bezuidenhout celebrates 20 years of her Darling venue Evita se Perron with a weekly episode of 'Evita's Free Speech'. Here's the Episode 143.

21 May 2018

ATON may scupper Murray’s Aveng takeover

Murray’s biggest investor won't back a planned merger with Aveng, saying management is putting its interests ahead of other stakeholders.

Steinhoff goes cap in hand to creditors

The group says it needs to sort out its liquidity situation urgently and that its retail operations remain profitable at an operating level.

Richemont’s profit constrained as it buys back watches

The luxury goods group says its approach to the grey market remains uncompromising as it moves to protect its brands.

Liberty working on persistency

The life assurer says its focused on restoring its retail business and improving STANLIB’s investment performance.

Germany orders Porsche recall over diesel emissions cheating

German authorities said Friday they had ordered 19,000 Porsche SUVs recalled over emissions cheating, saying a total of 60,000 manipulated vehicles had been identified worldwide.

MOTORING: Nissan 370Z Coupé: Old-school - and all the better for it

It might not be the fanciest, the sleekest or the most advanced. But as sports cars go, the Nissan 370Z still delivers the right stuff. And...

COMMA CHAMELEON: Behind most good books, there's a Merlin you'll never meet

What's as shy as a leopard, sharp as a scalpel and helps wag the tale? A fine editor, of course.

18 May 2018

Investec’s Steinhoff losses lower than expected

Credit exposures represent a small portion of the bank’s balance sheet and it doesn’t expect to suffer any losses on these exposures.

Famous Brands chokes on Gourmet Burger

The restaurant group will account for impairments and provisions of R4.6 million against its investment in the upmarket UK burger chain.

Tongaat bitter over unprotected sugar imports

The sugar producer says import duties weren’t applied property by the authorities, forcing it to export excess production.

Impairments aside, Stefanutti’s earnings jump

Headline earnings at the construction group were higher last year but massive impairments massacred operating profit.

Sport in an INCEtant! 18 May 2018

My stand out moment of last week has to be American, Brooks Koepka’s double-eagle (Albatross), on the par 5 16th at Sawgrass. A feat that is...

Who’s doing what in the South African & African M&A space?

Curro has acquired its first learning support centre, Dot’s Learning Centre, which offers small group classes for learners who do not cope with the mainstream schooling...

Corporate finance activity of the week

Hosken Consolidated Investments has amended the terms of the stake in TSX-listed Platinum Group Metals acquired via a private placement of shares...

Tom Wolfe, author of ‘The Right Stuff’, dies at 88

EU launches economic plan to save Iran nuclear deal

Thorts - How Loud is a shareholder's voice?

Not only it is important for shareholders to be aware of their rights at general meetings, but it is incumbent upon the chairperson to ensure shareholders...

17 May 2018

Mondi benefits from rising prices

The paper and packaging group says higher selling prices have offset rising operating costs and the impact of maintenance shutdowns.

Bidorp reports steady progress

Despite challenges, including volatile exchange rates, the food services group says most regions have traded positively and Europe’s been "excellent".

Santova overcomes rand headwinds as it embraces change

The transport and logistics group says it has embraced changing consumer patterns and new technology as an opportunity to stand out.

Transaction Capital gears up for faster economy

The minibus taxi financier and debt collector says its medium-term growth objectives could be beaten as the economy recovers.

Capital Appreciation “cautiously confident” of better times

The FinTech company has reported its first full-year results since acquiring a number of businesses, declaring a maiden dividend of 4c per share.

Facebook suspends 200 apps over data misuse

Facebook has suspended "around 200" apps on its platform as part of an investigation into misuse of private user data.

Ball-tamperer Bancroft cleared to play club cricket

Cameron Bancroft has been cleared to play club cricket in Western Australia while serving his ban for ball-tampering in South Africa, as he looks for redemption...

Johnson and Johnson a core share for the Dividend Growth Portfolio

There are a number of shares that are a must have in a Dividend Growth Investors portfolio. Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) is one of them...

Zapiro: Acting against abuse

16 May 2018

Investec Property Fund bemoans weak economy

The fund says the positive shift in business and consumer sentiment isn’t likely to results in higher growth rates in the short term.

Buoyant Australian market boosts Investec Fund

Positive conditions in Australia and New Zealand and strong foreign capital flows are creating opportunities for the Investec Australia Property Fund.

AYO likely to miss listing guidance

The ICT group says while it expects an improved second-half, it's unlikely to meet expectations in last year’s pre-listing statement.

Accounting woes plague Trencor

The container group expect to report a loss for 2017 due to different accounting standards in SA to the US.

ENERGY MIX: Industry experts are watching to see if State Capture still has a role in future of energy in South Africa

If South Africa's new energy plan contains nuclear power as part of the country's future energy mix, it suggests that State Capture is still embedded in...

OP-ED: Pravin Gordhan's Hobson's Choice at SAA

Each new SAA CEO has been appointed with much fanfare and the expectation that this time it will be different. Yet it never is. The losses...

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