15 February 2018

Gold Fields plans another high capex year

Despite posting a loss for 2017, the gold producer says it was largely cash neutral thanks to outperformance from its international operations.

GroundUp: Mines report progress in preventing deadly silicosis

But very little information on dust monitoring. By Pete Lewis for GROUNDUP.

Emira grows distribution as vacancies decline

Although trading conditions remain tough, the property fund has reduced its vacancies and kept a lid on costs.

PPC cements Claassen into CEO position

The former head of its SA operations will take over as permanent CEO, while Rest of Africa head Njombo Lekula replaces him.

#CapeWaterGate: The figures prove that Capetonians are saving water

We're not entirely sure where the 60% of water-wasters are hiding, but the City's own figures show that Cape Town's residents responded to calls to reduce...

Op-Ed: Managing Zuma’s departure without undermining democratic values

Cyril Ramaphosa has - for some weeks - engaged Jacob Zuma regarding his vacating the State Presidency. It is important that Zuma leaves and it may...

Street Talk: Must Zuma buzz off? (Video)

Should he stay? Should he go? Should he be dragged to court and prosecuted? And will Cyril Ramaphosa do a better job? We hit the streets...

14 February 2018

Kumba grows earnings 12% in fatality-free year

The iron ore producer is paying out more in dividends than it made in earnings due to its strong cash position.

Hidden Valley to help Harmony meet production targets

The gold miner is aiming for 1.1 million ounces of gold this year as Hidden Valley in Papua New Guinea increases its production.

Comair maintains altitude despite economic headwind

The airline’s shares fell after it said it was trimming its interim dividend to 5c despite a 6% rise in revenue and higher earnings.

Pan African looks to surface tailings for sustainability

The gold miner aims to source a bigger portion of its production from long-life, low-cost tailings operations.

Sponsored - Breakthrough in digital identification takes the pain out of KYC and FICA

A new integrated smartphone enabled technology means consumers will be able to control how organisations use their digital identity and information.

The week ahead

February has been especially poor for global equity markets. All of the euphoria that was so apparent in late 2017 and into January of this year...

Op-Ed: Post Zexit – lessons for Ramaphosa on building an inclusive state

A voluntary exit by Jacob Zuma would help the ruling party remain more cohesive, and Cyril Ramaphosa should not be maligned for attempting to effect this....

13 February 2018

Resilient fails to quell share slide

The REIT says 36One’s views are more informed by its large short position than by objective analysis.

Gonzaga quits Taste as new shareholder takes control

The CEO and co-founder of the group is stepping down after Riskowitz increased its stake to 64.5% in recent rights issue.

KAP benefits from Safripol acquisition

The polymer group more than doubled first-half operating profit at KAP’s diversified chemicals division.

RCL’s earnings take flight on chicken sales

The food producer says lower feed costs, higher prices and a revised business model fed into better first-half earnings.

Judith February: Letting Zuma off the hook is not Ramaphosa’s prerogative

It seems as if South Africans are waiting for the white smoke to rise from atop the Union Buildings telling us that the ANC has given...

12 February 2018

Sishen turnaround boosts Kumba’s earnings

The iron ore producer says it will reverse a large impairment of the mine due to stronger production and an improved outlook for iron ore prices.

Lower maize and wheat prices eat into Pioneer’s revenue

The branded foods group expects to recover from 2016’s disastrous maize hedge.

Deflation holds back STAR’s sales growth

The African retail giant grew revenue despite a deflation tailwind at its Pep and Ackermans chains.

Two Degrees distorts Liberty’s results

IFRS rules have created a mismatch between the listed unit price and the underlying net asset value of Liberty’s property investment.

Bonus Share Pick by Bruce

After the latest Market Correction one of the stocks in my portfolio that has come into my sights as a buy is Reality Income.

The Final Countdown: How should Zuma go?

As South Africa holds its collective breath, the question in the ether is how President Jacob Zuma will at last leave power. Thursday brought few indications...

Winter Olympics 2018: All eyes on remarkable Nigerian women bobsleigh team

The 2018 Winter Olympics will have the greatest African representation ever. But it's the Nigerian women who will compete in the bobsleigh and skeleton event who...

09 February 2018

Gold Fields loses its glister

The gold producer expects to report a loss due to a big impairment of its South Deep mine and its silicosis settlement.

Grit gets more liquid as institutions climb on board

Trading volumes and values have jumped following its inclusion on the Mauritius SEM 10 index and the Cloud Atlas AMI Big 50 ETF

OneLogix on the road as Gauteng’s drought ends

The logistics group says there’s been increased demand for movers of top-end agricultural products since the drought abated

PSG Asset Management 2018 Presentation & Outlook

PSG Asset Management (PSGAM) gave an outstanding presentation to clients on Wed 7 Feb in Johannesburg. Known for their contra-cyclical approach to investing, CIO Greg Hopkins...

Bonus Share Pick by Bruce

After the latest Market Correction one of the stocks in my portfolio that has come into my sights as a buy is Reality Income.

Movers & Shakers - Raimund Snyders

He will use his expertise and in-depth knowledge of scaling financial services in fast growth markets to accelerate Leapfrogs' commitment to providing life changing financial and...

Corporate finance activity of the week

Your corporate finance activity of the week includes companies like MTN. Orion, Brimstone and also additional listings by companies like CoreShares and Ashburton. Brought to you...

Analysis: Jacob Zuma’s exit, a political hyper-drama

President Jacob Zuma is under pressure. That it's not quite going his way emerged strongly when Parliament, in an unprecedented move, postponed the State of the...

Who’s doing what in the South African & African M&A space?

The French retailer exercised its buy-back option on the assets in Biarritz and Anglet, paying €44,8 million (R658,56 million), a 10% premium to current valuation.

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