01 September 2020

Is it too late to buy mega-cap tech stocks?

When news of the pandemic first broke at the start of the year, global stock markets fell in unison. So, what should you do?

Sun International reveals big Covid-19 loss

The hotel and gaming group says there will be no quick recovery to previous trading levels but it will continue to reduce debt.

Gold Bug?

For investors keen on diversifying into gold at a time of worldwide fiscal and monetary stimulus there is a universe of alternatives say Ingham Analytics...

Covid-19 takes a bite out of RCL

The branded food producer has maintained its annual dividend despite the impact of Covid-19 on its business.

ADvTECH passes 1st semester despite Covid-19

The private education and resourcing group says its schools division reported an improved performance due to measures taken before the pandemic.

Living The American Dream: The Cronje Family Success Story

For years the EB-5 visa has been the chosen method of immigration to the United States of America by South African entrepreneurs and business people.

Sasol reports limited damage from Hurricane Laura

The energy and chemicals group says it has insurance cover as its manufacturing facilities in Lake Charles remain closed.

Diversified portfolio cushions African Rainbow

The mining company says higher PGM and iron ore prices made up for a decline in manganese and thermal coal.

Life Healthcare in recovery mode

The private hospital group says revenue has recovered as it prepares for the resumption of elective procedures at its facilities.



CORPORATE ANNOUNCEMENT BY: African Rainbow Minerals Limited

31 August 2020

Discovery hit by Covid-19, volatile rates

The insurer and financial service group says full-year headline earnings could be wiped out by the impact of Covid-19.

Steinhoff encouraged by recovery

The retail group says its main trading subsidiaries are poised to gain market share due to their resilient and defensive discount offerings.

Northam delivers record earnings despite Covid setback

The platinum producer says it has returned value to shareholders by buying back Zambezi preference shares.

Grindrod Shipping navigates Covid storm

The shipping group says the pandemic has exacerbated an environment that has been challenging and volatile for the last several years.

MAS sticks to disposal plan despite Covid-19

The European real estate company says while the pandemic hampered disposals, it is proceeding with the sale of Western European assets.

The Week Ahead with Chris Gilmour

The US presidential election becoming too close to call.

Medu Capital acquires a 51% stake in Secutel Technologies

Private equity group Medu Capital recently invested in the security technology sector with its acquisition of a 51% stake into the security technology provider company, Secutel...

28 August 2020

Distell displays Covid-19 hangover

The drinks group says it is working to make alcohol consumption safer as prohibition is a blunt instrument.

Massmart’s losses widen due to Covid-19

With sales under pressure, the retail and wholesale group racked up additional costs due to the pandemic and an internal restructuring.

Sibanye-Stillwater reinstates dividends on record earnings

The company says the outlook for the second half of the year is extremely positive as its local operations achieve optimal production.

Skin on the bones

It is time to revisit banking. Three of the big four have all reported...

Thorts - How fund managers can benefit from utilising escrow

Escrow is a useful and often necessary tool in private equity and real estate acquisition transactions. A clear understanding of the options it provides is important

Grindrod remains resilient amidst pandemic

The freight, logistics and financial services group says its cash generation and balance sheet remain strong.

Blue Label back in the black

The distributor of airtime, data and electricity vouchers says most of its products and services have been essential during the lockdown.

CORPORATE ANNOUNCEMENT BY: Stellar Capital Partners Limited


27 August 2020

Nedbank impacted by the Great Lockdown Crisis

The banking group is hopeful that impairments will decline and client activity will continue to improve as the year progresses.

Bidcorp prepares for the new normal

The food services company says a majority of its customers emerged from hibernation and sales continue to recover.

Adcock not dispensing a dividend

The pharmaceuticals group says it prefers to adopt a prudent cash preservation approach until the full impact of Covid-19 is better understood.

An Apple a day…?

Ingham Analytics in "An Apple a day...?" has some thought-provoking stats to consider.

Murray hit by Covid-19 impairments

The engineering and construction services group says its exposure to natural resources positions it well for a recovery.

Stadio makes progress with branding strategy

The tertiary education group says Covid-19 has created a shift in the perception and attractiveness of distance learning.

Resilient comes through with dividend

The real estate investment trust says it cannot provide any guidance for the year ahead due to the ongoing uncertainty.




26 August 2020

Dis-Chem benefits from online shift

The discount pharmacy chain says Covid-19 has matured the e-commerce environment and consumer adoption by three to five years.

Lewis declares dividend despite Covid-19 impact

The furniture and appliances retailer plans to open 20 new stores this year despite the lingering impact of the pandemic.

Imperial positioned for changing market trends

The logistics group has been impacted by Covid-related costs but says it is well positioned to capture new opportunities that arise.

Italtile optimistic about its prospects

The tile retailer and manufacturer is paying a final dividend and plans to grow its store network in the year ahead.

Covid-19 bores into Master Drilling’s performance

The drilling specialist says many of the 23 countries where it operates imposed restrictions due to Covid-19.

CORPORATE ANNOUNCEMENT BY: Master Drilling Group Limited


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