25 March 2021

Super Group rises on possible deal

The Financial Review said SG Fleet may acquire the Australian fleet vehicle leasing business of LeasePlan.

HomeChoice reports profit drop due to Covid-19

The direct marketer and FinTech company reduced its credit risk and was also impacted by sales of lower-margin goods last year.

Are more treasuries gonna get shaken loose?

In 2020, the US Federal Reserve gave American banks a temporary relief that is due to expire shortly.

RAC prepares to distribute Astoria to shareholders

The investment company says an application will be made to the JSE to lift the suspension on Astoria following the unbundling.

EastPlats completes plant reconfiguration

The platinum producer says the move will help it ramp up production at a time of increasing demand and rising prices.

Old Mutual delivers dividend despite Covid pressure

The insurance group says it remains well capitalised and many of the costs if faced last year were one off in nature.

24 March 2021

AdvTech declares dividend after resilient year

The private education group shifted 75,000 students to online tuition as SA went into lockdown last year.

CORPORATE ANNOUNCEMENT BY: Master Drilling Group Limited

Resilient sticks to distribution policy despite Covid challenges

The real estate investment trust says it is not in a position to provide dividend guidance due to the ongoing uncertainty.

Attacq holds back on distribution

The real estate investment trust wants to maintain maximum liquidity due to the ongoing impact of Covid-19.

Master Drilling impacted by Covid-19 lockdowns

While revenue has been hit by the pandemic, the drilling specialist says cash generation was much improved and its order book is steady.

Alaris gets off to a strong start

The group credits organic growth for its strong performance but is diversifying with the acquisition of Linwave Technology.

Old Mutual delivers dividend despite Covid pressure

The insurance group says it remains well capitalised and many of the costs if faced last year were one off in nature.




23 March 2021

Is GameStop a bathtub drain?

Ingham Analytics has issued an updated analysis of the GameStop saga in the US, a trade that continues to astonish by its volatility and speculative behaviour.

Investec sags on profit warning

While conditions have improved, the UK and SA bank and wealth manager says it will report a decline of up to 29 percent in full-year earnings.

Northam boosted by rising metal prices

The platinum mining company will continue buying back its Zambezi preference shares rather than paying an interim dividend.

Caxton impacted by magazine closures

The printing and publishing group has booked an impairment due to the permanent decline in magazine and newspaper publishing.

Trading the Scandals

Corporate governance failures. Frauds. Accounting misstatements. A “hole in the balance sheet” – unfortunately, these breakdowns in trust happen on the market.

The Week Ahead

Global interest rates starting to move up. The number of Americans filing first-time unemployment claims rose 45 000 to 770 000 last week...

RMB Holdings scraps Romanian investment

Shares of the investment holding company rallied after it said it would return the funds set aside for the investment to shareholders.

Investec Property Fund declares interim payout

The fund says the performance of its SA portfolio recovered marginally in the second half of its financial year.

19 March 2021

Exxaro declares special dividend

The resources group will return some of the proceeds of the sale of its Tronox stake to shareholders, while buying back its own shares.

Metair brings back dividend

The automotive components and energy storage group reported a strong rebound in its second-half performance.

ARC raises Rain’s value on data surge

The data network company benefitted from demand for data last year as it grew its customer base.

York Timber returns to profitability

The forestry company says first-half earnings this month will show a big recovery in earnings and significantly higher cash generation.

Who's doing what in the African M&A space?

Weekly summary of all Merger & Acquisition activity from across Africa (excluding South Africa)

Who's doing what this week in the South African M&A space?

Weekly summary of Merger & Acquisition activity by South African companies

Master Drilling sags on profit warning

The drilling services company says many of the countries it operates in have imposed restrictive measures due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Weekly corporate finance activity by SA exchange-listed companies

Weekly summary of corporate finance activity by South African exchange listed companies

Thorts: A day late and a dollar short

Purchase price adjustments are commonly incorporated into M&A transactions and are used to protect the buyer against value erosion or leakage in the target company



18 March 2021

Nedbank holds back on dividend

Like Absa, the bank is taking a cautious approach due to pandemic uncertainty but says payouts may resume as early as June.

Libstar maintains final dividend

The group reported stable cash flows as a rise in retail sales made up for a decline to the food service industry.

Curro impacted by Covid-19

Credit losses swelled to R146-million last year after Covid-19 impacted the ability of families to pay for tuition.

OUTsurance cushions RMI

The financial services investment holding company has reported a rise in first-half earnings thanks to its OUTsurance subsidiary.

Bytes flags higher earnings

The software, security and cloud services specialist says its performance is likely to be ahead of market expectations.

Remgro held back by FirstRand, Mediclinic

The investment holding company says the rest of its portfolio had a resilient performance during the Covid-19 pandemic.




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