Letter to the Editor: Winners and Losers


Letter to the Editor: Winners and Losers


Published Date: 2021-07-19 | Source: INCE|Community | Author: Muhammad Khan

Letter to the Editor: Winners and Losers

Aloha Team Inceconnect!

I love reading your insights...keep them coming!

Can you believe that half the year has passed already? Well, it's only appropriate to reflect and evaluate on the year thus far. Below, I will give a brief update on my portfolio on some winners and losers.


Purple Group, my absolute favourite and biggest investment in my portfolio, continues to give me chills at the prospect of where this share is heading! With a 6-month return from January to date of 80%, the share is truly outperforming even my expectations for the year. Charles and the team are doing an excellent job with the strategy and their relentless pursuit of democratising the financial markets and boy are they doing a good job! Watch this space - I see further gains here.

ArcelorMittal, with the 6-month return from January to date sitting at a whopping 423%! My investment at 0.25-0.50c in this share has handsomely paid off for me. There is still the potential for substantial gains to be made as the construction industry picks up again especially with further infrastructure investment expected in the country. Coupled with the group's focus on cutting costs, I think we should be seeing some profitability and potentially dividend payments returning in the not too distant future...time will tell but there are certainly many positives here!

Jubilee Metals, with the 6-month return from January to date is sitting at 32%. They have signed some fantastic deals lately and if these deals pay off there should hopefully be some upside gains on the share. Overall, the share is well positioned to benefit from the burgeoning EV and electric motor market in the next 5-10 years.


Orion Minerals has been bitterly disappointing in my portfolio. Being one of my biggest investments, the share has lost significant value for me despite being up 18% for the January to date performance. External factors in the Prieska region such as the community unrest and the "construction mafia" trying to capture the project has resulted in significant delays...with the issues still unresolved it might be a bumpy ride for Orion!

EC10 has been my long term crypto strategy with regular purchases of the index. However the crypto market roller coaster has taken a dip lately; the 6 month return from January to date is -0.2%. Expect a bumpy ride here as regulation hits the crypto sphere. The challenge on the regulatory side is how to enhance development and innovation while ensuring investor protection. It remains to be seen if government technocrats can get this one right!
Stay home...stay safe...stay invested.

Muhammad Khan

Muhammad's passion for investing clearly shines through in this letter. For that reason, he is our winner of a R250 Easy Equities voucher this week. If you want to be a winner as well, make sure you send your letter to the editor (use the banner in the InceConnect mailer) and tell us about your investment experiences and insights.

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