Netstar gives fascinating data on the riots


Netstar gives fascinating data on the riots


Published Date: 2021-07-22 | Source: INCE|Community | Author: The Finance Ghost

Netstar gives fascinating data on the riots

Netstar is part of Altron, which is listed on the JSE. It's a smaller version of Cartrack, although not by much in terms of overall subscribers. Netstar doesn't have the fancy offshore listing of Karooooo (previously Cartrack), so some investors see it as the value play in this space.

In a clever bit of PR, the company got itself into the headlines by releasing fascinating data on the looting. We've seen all the announcements by property funds and retailers about damage to physical property. Netstar took a different angle, using its fleet management data to show the extent of the lost delivery miles for transport clients.

Netstar reckons that just three major clients lost more than 613,000kms in five days. The company points out that this is the equivalent of traveling around the globe 15 times.

This equates to nearly 30,000 trips. If you feel like learning a totally random fact this morning, this implies that each trip is an average of around 20kms long.

KwaZulu-Natal certainly bore the brunt of the riots, with 78% of vehicles unable to travel during the protest action. Gauteng-based trucks only lost 15% of delivery capacity.

As I've noted several times, the biggest impact will be felt by SMEs. Big corporates like Shoprite and Pick n Pay were able to flex their distribution muscles, diverting trucks from other regions into KZN and replenishing stores with critical supplies from distribution centres around the country.

SMEs simply cannot compete with this. In a country where big business is too big and small business is too small, events like these riots simply widen the gap even further.


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