Sasol - Confidence takes a knock


Sasol - Confidence takes a knock


Published Date: 2019-08-22 | Source: INCE|Community | Author: Mark Ingham

Sasol - Confidence takes a knock

Whilst there is noise and angst in the market at this time, depressing the share price to level seen ten years ago, Ingham Analytics do see a silver lining and give us hard financial reasoning why this may be so.

Ingham Analytics say that Sasol is one of the most owned shares in South Africa, featuring to a greater or lesser degree in most portfolios. They point out that the decline in the share price won't have been caused by major institutional shareholders dumping stock in bucket loads but at the margin by smaller funds, traders, and short sellers seeing profit in loss.

Interestingly, Ingham Analytics tell us that a major asset manager has been buying up Sasol and holds a chunky position.

Ingham Analytics have again benefitted readers with their handy sensitivity table, indicating at what oil price and rand exchange rate Sasol's earnings per share shall be if that prevailed for a full year.

At a time of great uncertainty on Sasol, Ingham Analytics again dispassionately guides investors through the noise.

Click here to get the Ingham Analytics Sasol note with its usual insightful analysis.


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