The Healthy Company Book Launch Event


The Healthy Company Book Launch Event


Published Date: 2021-06-18 | Source: INCE|Connect | Author: Nicci Gates

The Healthy Company Book Launch Event

The Healthy Company is a handbook for directors and executives - and those on their way to getting there.

Leading a company today means managing the uses of its resources and relationships and how it deals with the resulting effects over time as these effects will come back to impact the company, negatively or positively, in the future. It is this circle of integrated thinking that is essential to a healthy and sustainable company.

The book considers a company's purpose and strategy under an integrated thinking approach. It also takes readers through a history of the company structure itself and the corporate revolutions that have happened along the way.

The Healthy Company offers:
  • four matters that should be discussed at every board meeting to keep directors informed and to cultivate better decision-making.
  • best practice guidance on preparing an integrated report, with FAQs for directors and executives.
  • a seven-step process which focuses on integration and a healthy company for the longer term.

Join Professor Mervyn King SC and Leigh Roberts in a discussion facilitated by Helle Bank Jorgensen about the book and their motivation behind it.